Simple Solutions to Common Lawn Mowing Problems

Even the most beautifully landscaped yard can look boring after the sun begins to set. Learn how you can use lighting to beautify the night.

Simple Solutions to Common Lawn Mowing Problems

Simple Solutions to Common Lawn Mowing Problems

8 December 2015
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Your lawn is one of the first things visitors see before they even set foot inside your home. It sets the mood of your place and plays a role in determining your property value. Thus, it can be irritating when you're having problems mowing it and it's not looking its best as a result. Here's a look at some common mowing problems and how to solve them, so your lawn can get back to looking its best.

Some blades look longer than others once the lawn has had a chance to rest.

A day or two after mowing, do some blades of grass seem to stick up above the others, as though they did not even get mowed? A common cause of this problem is mowing too quickly. When you push the mower over the lawn, some of the blades of grass are swept downward by its action. They "pop" up again and are caught by the blade when it comes around the next time – if it is still over that section of grass. Mowing more slowly, rather than speeding over your lawn, will ensure those blades of grass that initially get pushed over by the blade are cut.

Your lawn looks dry and yellow for a day or two after mowing.

There are two possible reasons for this. You may be mowing your grass too short. Adjust the blade to leave it a little longer, and see if you get better results the next time you mow.

The other possible cause of a yellowing lawn is mowing in the same direction each time. When you mow, the blades of grass get pushed over slightly in the direction you are mowing. This means the lower sides of the grass blades don't get as much sunlight. Mowing in the same direction all of the time will cause the same side of the grass will be sheltered from the light, and it will become yellowed. You can prevent this by switching mowing directions each time you mow, so a different portion of the grass is shaded.

In spite of having a mulch bag attached, your lawn mower is dumping grass clippings onto your lawn.

Left behind grass clippings can really make a mowing job look messy. If your mower is leaving them in spite of having the bag attached, then there is likely a clog in the chute leading to the bag. Wait until the mower is cool, remove the bag, and look into the chute leading into the bag. If you see some dried grass in there, use an old metal coat hanger to scoop it out.

If you find you need a little help with your lawn, consider looking into lawn care specialists, such as Giant Property Maintenance Co, to ensure you're lawn is looking it's best.

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